Saturday, 2 May 2009

Disgusted at New Wing

When I went to one of the Newcastle Hospitals which is a NEW WING, with Ian the other day for the first time ever may I add, he had to have his bloods done, and when he came out his arm was pouring of blood and with being on Warfrin, we were worried, so he went back in to see the nurse, and she stuck another cotton ball on and said " Oh that will stop soon" Not take a seat and we'll see if it subsides

Not only that i was so disgusted when I went into the ladies toilets, and after washing my hands I found nothing to dry them on there was no hand dryer, no paper towel dispenser and no paper towels, and this is a New Wing.

I also noticed while walking around that there was no Hand Gel Pumps on any of the walls either.....I work for the NHS and our Hospital is always asking the public to use the hand gels, I carry one on my ID Badge when I'm at work, I even use sterile wipes to clean my keyboard before i use it, and even those at the Hospital where Ian normally goes has Hand Gel Pumps on the walls, and the Consultant always uses it before he sees to a patient or shakes any one's hand.

And now with this new Swine Flu going got me so annoyed to think I'm doing my hardest to keep Ian safe from germs and then when he goes to what we would think is a safe and caring place to see such disgust...and un-hygienic, so I was that livid i emailed the hospital and voiced my concerns about this.

Hope he never has to go back there again.

Now watch this space because I could be sacked with making this public, even without naming them......but i feel as if i have the right to freedom of speech..


val090 said...

Well done Sylvia for voicing your concerns. If you feel so strongly about something.........speak up. I hope someone gets back to you soon.

val090 said...

Love your new blogger background by the way. To get rid of your old centre panel........
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Here's How:

1. Sign in to your blog

2. Click on Layout

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4. You’ll see a template in the upper left hand corner called ‘minima’. Click the box next to that.

5. Then click the orange ‘save template’ button.

6. Then, you’re done!

Your centre panel will then match the outside

Hugs Val x

Sylvia said...

Thank You Val been trying to do it for ages, never thinking it was a new template i needed to do. thought it would be in Blog Secrets...

Thanks again your a gem

Sylvia xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia,

Just popping over to say thankyou for the lovley comments you leave me, keep up with the parchment it is very rewarding and relaxing to do...
Been trying to follow you, but they seem to change things on here every time i pop on and
Good for you for speaking out, i agree totally with all you have said, and if you did get into trouble then maybe the person should open their eyes to what is going on on their new wing.. hygeine i thought was top priority these day's,
I will be back again...

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Good on you Sylvia for emailing the hospital, what has happened to our hospitals.. I think everyone agrees with you, gone way down hill.

Chris xx