Thursday, 30 April 2009

My Birthday Cards

Today is my Birthday and I wanted to show you three stunning hand crafted cards which I received, mind i had two of them for about a week and my (OH) Ian hid them from me....(he knows what I'm like) Thank you so much ladies they are really stunning and to be really honest they put the bought ones to shame, I love all of them, I don't normally get hand crafted cards the first ever was from Louise Emma. I feel so lucky xx

This one is from a very lovely lady Louise Emma who always has time for you no matter what is going on in her life (thank you) xxx

This one is from my lovely forum buddie -

And not forgetting our lovely loveablellen also from the
imag-e-nation forum

Thank you so much its is an honour to receive these and they will all be treasured.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mix and Match

I've managed to do some cards at last, what with work and back and forth to Hospital with Ian I haven't been able to concentrate......Ian has two more appointments next week and one at the beginning of May ......and I'm off work from Wednesday 29th for a full week.....Yippee...

.Just love it when i only have to put 1 days holiday in for a Friday and get six off....(with it being a bank holiday)
Here are a couple of cards I've made hope you like them

This one is from my Kanban I just love these deco ladies.

This one is a parchment I've made for my friend.......I've only been doing this type of card since Christmas so hopefully I'm getting the hang of it now.....

This one is for my Niece Misha, I was going to do the high school musical for her but thought she would like Hannah Montana more.......well hope she does

Not sure who this is for no sentiment has been put on....used my nesties and Michele Marsden deco for this one, cuttlebuged the card and punched the corners.

Thank you for viewing and it's always appreciated if you leave a comment

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Two lovely Atc's

I recieved a lovely suprise in the post this morning
Two Lovely Atc's from Louise Emma .......

If you've never seen her blog have a hop over and check it out she has some fabulous cards
The Lou-natic Asylum


They are both beautiful Louise Thank You, the lighthouse looks like the one not far from me called Souter Lighthouse, i only live 15 minutes walk from the Beach. 5 minutes if i get the xxxx

There was also another envelope, but can't open it until the 30th but its shouting at me

Friday, 17 April 2009

Had to go to A+E

Went to work today, afternoons as my manager kindly dropped and changed my hours for me...due to Ian's condition. Anyway i could feel my blood starting to boil, my skin felt tight and was starting to itch something rotten, my arms came out in such big red blotches so i asked my manager if she knew what it could be.....she sent me to staff health and they sent me to A+E to get assessed ........ended up sitting there for 2 hours to get some steroid tablets.....have to take 6 tablets altogether for 3 days ........they still didn't tell me what it was just that it was an allergic reaction to something...
Should of just waited and gone to my GP, but couldn't take the risk of Ian catching anything if it was contagious.......Glad its not and now its started to subside..........Pheeeew.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.......xx

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Thank You for sharing this

Chris has kindly shared two awards to everyone who visits her blog,
for those who haven't seen her blog, you should have a hop over.. she has a great blog and makes some fabulous cards.

A Wellnifty Place

Couldn't have put it better myself.............. thank you Chris for sharing this.

The award says it all so please feel free to take this award, to say thank you for visiting my blog and all the support you have given.

This award is the friends Award and with being new to blog world, I class all the fellow bloggers as my online friends so please feel free to take this one too.

Thank you again Chris

Thought I might

Post My Pram and Crib For the None Forum Memebers to have a look
Hope you like it

Made the pram using the Hasstlecastle template

I really enjoyed doing this one.......I made the quilt myself using fabric and cotton wool balls..

Made this one from Paper Lace Template
I think its sooo cute.....

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Look What I've Won

My First Ever Award From
Karen J

Thank you Karen

I've only been blogging a little while so this means a lot to me. I would like to thank you all for your support and for browsing my blog.

Now for the RULES;
  1. The winner may put the logo onto their blog
  2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
  3. Nominate 10 blogs
  4. Put links to their blogs.
  5. Leave a message for the nominees
I would now like to pass this award on to say thank you for viewing my blog and leaving comments, also well done on your brilliant blogs, and thank you for all the inspiration given whether new or experienced blogger's.

Anne - Myra - Maureen P - Jea - Sylv

Joolse - Barbara - Angel - Lorna - Joanne


Monday, 13 April 2009

Been Playing

Evening everyone, hope you had a lovely Easter Monday, I've been having a little play today. Thought it was about time i used my Cd's...

This one is a Messy Rabbit from Joanna Sheens cd.

This one is also from the Messy Rabbits cd, printed the topper out a couple of times then decoupaged it....added a bit of glitter to the pram and bottle, then added flower soft to the corner...

Made this one form Jak's cd....think i was a little sea sick when i put the ribbon on the top...ha,ha,ha, ..must change x

Thank you for taking the time to view my cards

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Cinderella and Motor Bike

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a lovely Easter. Ive not done much over this weekend, Ian is still having problems with his ears, he's had an ear infection for nearly a fortnight now, been to doctors twice but its still not cleared yet..he has to try some drops once his tablets are finished, so we'll see how they work.

I've only made two cards since my last post, think my mojo has disappeared....Here is one that I have made for my Friend for her Grand-daughter.

I'm not really happy with this one so I might re-do it....mind it does look better in the flesh. I found an image on the net of the castle, then put it into GCF to resize it, and to add the text.

I decoupaged Cinderella from a sheet i've had since 2006 I added glamour dust to both castle and Cinderella.which really doesn't show up well on the picture..then I stuck her to the background using pinflair glue. (Great stuff doesn't smell).

I was asked by my B.I.L to make a card for his mate who is 50, they had origionally bought one (traitor's) but said it was rubbish so they then asked if I could make one for him. He is a motor bike fanatic so heres what i come up with..

Hope you like them and
thank your for taking the time to view


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Christening Cup and Saucer

Afternoon everyone, hope you are all well and for those who are off for the easter break Enjoy....I break up on the 8th and go back on the 15th not bad for only being back to work since the 1st.

Here is my latest order.

Thankyou for visiting my blog.....and have a Fab Easter.