Saturday, 30 May 2009

Good Afternoon Bloggers, what fabulous weather we're having hope you are enjoying it...

I would like to thank Chris for this lovely
Lemonade Stand Award

its an award for great attitude and gratitude and Chris has it all, if you haven't been to over to
A Wellnifty Place
please pop over and visit Chris....she has a fabulous blog, full of inspiration.

Thank you so much Chris for thinking of me it's really appreciated

I would like to pass this lovely award onto

Marjie - Marjie's Muses
Myra - myscardcorner
Anne - Solent Annie
Val - Valscraftroom
Pam - Peejay's Crafty Bits
Louise Emma - The Lou-natic Asylum

Who all have great attitude as well as gratitude.

The rules are for this award are

  • Save the image of the logo and use it on your blog
  • To post about it
  • Nominate 5 to 10 blogs you feel show great attitude and gratitude
  • Link to your nominees
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Have a Lovely weekend

Friday, 29 May 2009

Wedding - Christening - Get Well

Good Morning everyone......hope your enjoying the sunshine ....I have to miss the sunshine today..(booohooo) Off to work soon.

Thought I'd post a couple of card orders I've managed to do before I go to work.

Haven't made the box or put the sentiment on this one yet.......will finish it tonight...

I really didn't think I'd like the colours but it's what the customer wants

Made with the Glitter Girls Board

In Cream and Gold made with the Glitter Girls Board

Pink Baby Crib
Template is from Paper Lace but the box is adapted from an Arty Farty Template

And a quick Get Well card...from GCF

Thank You for dropping by
All comments welcome good or bad.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Finally ....

Good Morning everyone, I've not posted in a while, as I've had my Sister staying and my Brother is in Hospital with his heart.

Here are a couple of cards I managed to get done before my sister came to visit....Hope you like them. Also added a couple at the bottom that I made a while ago and just wanted to show you them.

Made this one from an image i had, printed it out a couple of times and decoupaged it ....added glitter to the steam

This one is for my dear friend made from a Parchment Pattern I have by (Pauline Loweth) I used my special patterned mirry board as the main card.

Made this one for my Son, its from the kit I had tucked away by Michele Marsden, I was going to use Peejay's fab blue car she posted on her blog, until I realised I had this kit...(sorry peejay will make it up for you to see when i have the next man card to do)

Made these Parchment Cards a while ago but just wanted to show them too the none forum members
Some of them are from the Parchment Magazine and some are patterns from Pauline Loweth

Thank you for dropping by

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

What A Service

Evening everyone, hope you are all well

I just had to share this with you..........

It was my birthday last week. and one of my pressies was the Crafters Companion Occasions double Cd, now at first I thought Wow.........But then my bubble burst..........I already have it.....I didn't want to upset anyone or sound ungrateful as these cd's are a lot of money. So I rang the Customer Services of Crafters Companion last Friday and told her of my situation and that I didn't have a receipt with it being a presant. I also told her that I had also received the Multi buy Summer Stories with exclusive stamps and if it could be at all possible I would like to swap the cd for the Cute Companions Summer Stories Indoor Multibuy Stamps...she was really lovely on the phone and suggested I send in a cover letter with the cd to explain in writing of what it was I would like to swap the cd with........

So I wrote my cover letter and went to the post office to send the package by Special Delivery because it was the Bank Holiday weekend and I didn't want it lying around for 4 days ......and never guess what...........I got in from work today to find my three fabulous stamp sets waiting to be cut up and played with........

What a fabulous service that was....

Thank You So Much Crafters've made my day.......xx

Thank you for dropping by

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

New Selection

Good Afternoon everyone, or is it evening lol...........

Hope you all had a great Bank Holiday Weekend no matter what you did.

...............I've not done much this morning what with Ian having another Hospital appointment today.. (all is well)

Here are a few I managed to do yesterday..........and one I forgot to put on the other must be having senior moments .....

These two are to be added to my stash for one of the girls on my Forum who are for a Charity Fayre coming up......I've not put the sentiments on yet I better get my skates on......because it's not long now before she needs them

This is the outside of the Nursery Room - Still no sentiment .

and this is the inside of the Nursery........both made using the Cute Companion Summer Stories Cd which i got for my birthday ......I combined the mice stamps...I only put two on because I thought it might over crowd the room...

This one is for a very lovely lady who has just gone into Hospital for a little while..........Louise Emma....(thinking of you Lou)

And Last but not least is the one I forgot to post its another mouse one, made with the Cute Companion Cd and stamps for a lovely lady on my forum - Janeygrey who wasn't well........

Hopefully I will manage to do some parchments tonight and post after work tomorrow....(fingers crossed)

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog
all comments are appreciated

Monday, 4 May 2009

My New Look

Hi everyone, Well I've been playing and playing with my blog backgrounds and Header (a big thank you to Val for the advice on how to take out the middle bit), and a Huge thank you to Jak for making my fabulous Header.

Thank You Ladies...for your help. xx

I would appreciate your opinions on it good or bad...

Thank you for dropping by

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Been a while

We used to always get our 3 Nieces every Friday night, 2 Nieces from 1 brother Shana 11yrs and Misha 7yrs and 1 Niece from my other brother Chloe 13yrs, but with Ian having his major surgery in 2007 and being so poorly we had to get rid of the spare beds and make one of the rooms into a treatment room for him, and of course the other is my craft we had to stop getting them..(no beds) :-(

Well my brother rang the other night and asked if Ian was well enough and if he was could we have the girls over night, I knew Ian's sister had a double air bed so I jumped at the chance and said yes.......Kim (Ian's sister kindly said "keep the air bed at our house for the future") and it was last night we had Shana and Misha, I had so much makes me feel alive when we have them over to sleep.

We had supper and played on the Wii, what a laugh, now I know why they call it the Wii (wee) I nearly wet myself a few times, then when Ian went to bed we watched a movie, which was wise as they would have had to calm down before bed......poor Misha never got to see the movie she fell asleep... Here are my two beautiful Nieces......who I adore so much....

Misha is on the left and Shana is on the right

This is Chloe who we miss so much but she is getting older and has her own things to do

Thank You for visiting my blog

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Disgusted at New Wing

When I went to one of the Newcastle Hospitals which is a NEW WING, with Ian the other day for the first time ever may I add, he had to have his bloods done, and when he came out his arm was pouring of blood and with being on Warfrin, we were worried, so he went back in to see the nurse, and she stuck another cotton ball on and said " Oh that will stop soon" Not take a seat and we'll see if it subsides

Not only that i was so disgusted when I went into the ladies toilets, and after washing my hands I found nothing to dry them on there was no hand dryer, no paper towel dispenser and no paper towels, and this is a New Wing.

I also noticed while walking around that there was no Hand Gel Pumps on any of the walls either.....I work for the NHS and our Hospital is always asking the public to use the hand gels, I carry one on my ID Badge when I'm at work, I even use sterile wipes to clean my keyboard before i use it, and even those at the Hospital where Ian normally goes has Hand Gel Pumps on the walls, and the Consultant always uses it before he sees to a patient or shakes any one's hand.

And now with this new Swine Flu going got me so annoyed to think I'm doing my hardest to keep Ian safe from germs and then when he goes to what we would think is a safe and caring place to see such disgust...and un-hygienic, so I was that livid i emailed the hospital and voiced my concerns about this.

Hope he never has to go back there again.

Now watch this space because I could be sacked with making this public, even without naming them......but i feel as if i have the right to freedom of speech..