Sunday, 3 May 2009

Been a while

We used to always get our 3 Nieces every Friday night, 2 Nieces from 1 brother Shana 11yrs and Misha 7yrs and 1 Niece from my other brother Chloe 13yrs, but with Ian having his major surgery in 2007 and being so poorly we had to get rid of the spare beds and make one of the rooms into a treatment room for him, and of course the other is my craft we had to stop getting them..(no beds) :-(

Well my brother rang the other night and asked if Ian was well enough and if he was could we have the girls over night, I knew Ian's sister had a double air bed so I jumped at the chance and said yes.......Kim (Ian's sister kindly said "keep the air bed at our house for the future") and it was last night we had Shana and Misha, I had so much makes me feel alive when we have them over to sleep.

We had supper and played on the Wii, what a laugh, now I know why they call it the Wii (wee) I nearly wet myself a few times, then when Ian went to bed we watched a movie, which was wise as they would have had to calm down before bed......poor Misha never got to see the movie she fell asleep... Here are my two beautiful Nieces......who I adore so much....

Misha is on the left and Shana is on the right

This is Chloe who we miss so much but she is getting older and has her own things to do

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My'scardcorner said...

What three pretty neices Slyvia glad you had fun with two of them
children certainly help to keep you young :0)

Norma said...

Three beautiful neices, you have Sylvia. bet it was a lovely change for you, glad you all had a great time

Norma x

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Gorgeous girls Sylvia, so glad you had a great time,

Chris x

Kimbo said...

What gorgeous girls Sylvia. Bet you had a great time and I'm sure your thir niece will have very happy memories of the time she spent with you and Ian