Friday, 13 August 2010

Hello everyone,
Hope you are all keeping well and I need to apologise once again for not updating my blog just we've had more bad news (not Ian this time) but Dad he has been diagnosed with lung cancer and has to have a three week intensive course of radiotherapy, I'm going to try to do catch up and post some cards but there never seems to be as many hours in the day that I need.......

Maybe I can have some me time over the weekend and post some cards then........until later you all take care and look after each other

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Not been on in a while

Hi everyone, sorry I've not been online in a while and I do promise to do catch up with you all and update my blog at some point, once we got the Christmas out of the way, Ian had his on and off days then last week my poor Dad had a fall in his sheltered flat, he fractured his arm and is still in hospital. They need to make sure he is steady on his feet before they let him home.

I'm not sure if anyone else has been getting comments form an Anonymous which they've been trying to leave really sexual explicit comments on my postings they have also been trying to leave links on my blog posts too. I'm just glad I've had my Comment Moderator on and had a chance to rejected them all.......I've had a total of 20 up till now. If these are not computer generated comment's then who ever is leaving these please stop as i will not allow them on my blog.

For those who don't have your comments monitored I would suggest you put your comment protection on.