Saturday, 3 October 2009

Ian's Home

Good Evening bloggers, just to let you all know that Ian is now home, things went well but he's in a lot of pain with the procedure he had and he's not a happy chappy because he's got to go back into hospital in a fortnights time to have a stent hopefully when things settle and my mind is my own again, I'll be back adding my cards.

I would also like to thank everyone for all your support over the last two years.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia, I am so glad Ian is back home with you, sorry to hear he is in so much pain, and hope it soon eases for him.I hope all goes well when he goes back in to have the stent removed.

Love & hugs to you both.

Jackie p xx

My'scardcorner said...

Glad to hear Ian is back home Im sure he will pick up better at home and hope the next hospital visit is a quick one. Take care of yourself

Carole said...

Hi Sylvia, pleased Ian is back home now, sorry to hear he is in so much pain though. Hope he feels better soon. Sending you some hugs!


Louise Emma said...

Glad to hear Ian is back home.... thanks for the phone call the other night, was lovely to hear from you again xxxx Big hugs for both of you xx Keep your chin up xxxx